Bob Holiday
Broadway's First Superman
November 12, 1932 - January 27, 2017

Bob Holiday as Superman

Welcome to the new
also known as

January 2017 brought us all the heartbreaking news that Bob Holiday had left this world for the next. Toni Collins was honored to be asked by Bob's family to continue his web site. As the year marched on, all of us still grieving for Bob, we realized that the planet where Bob's site lived—shall we call it Krypton?—had a problem.
    Krypton was showing signs of disintegration. A telephone number was disconnected. Emails started bouncing back as undeliverable. Something was wrong.
    Without our hero Bob Holiday here to save us, we had to find a way to rescue his web site by ourselves. So we moved it to another planet—let's call it Earth. While you can't tell, Bob's web site is now sitting on Earth. And you can get here from two different "launch pads":
We'll keep that ".net" name for a little while
just to help us settle in on Earth.

Today, this is the only SupermanBobHoliday page on Earth. We'll quickly try to re-build the site, and you can help. Please eMail Toni via and let her know what you miss the most from Krypton. We'll make sure that feature gets priority!

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